You all have such amazing fantasies! Just looking through my extensive archives will prove to you the diversity of the ideas you all have and also how much I enjoy taking those ideas and creating your very own video fantasy around them! I have the tools, you have the thoughts and together we are making some incredible videos! I’ve been a jogger..a window cleaner..a personal trainer..and every time every inch of my body has been used to give you exactly what you want and need. And now, we have this…

Captured. Bound. Maybe even..helpless? Every part of my adonis-like frame is screaming for release. Restrained pecs and abs are NOT what “SPY” JOSHUA ARMSTRONG is used to! Massive shoulders unable to move. Pumped biceps held back tightly. What will I do to turn this entire situation around? You’d better watch closely because there’s NO WAY I’m gonna let my captor get away with this!!!

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