I know what you want. I know what you need. You need MUSCLE. More specifically, you need JOSHUA ARMSTRONG! There’s NOONE better and you know it!

That’s why you’re here isn’t it. You’ve read about me or heard of me and you were intrigued. My reputation goes before me so I’m not surprised. There aren’t many men like me, packed with muscle, masculinity and attitude! That’s exactly what you like, I know that for sure. You’re not alone either. There are many others here who ache for my attention. They see me and they WANT me! I know that there are many fetishes out there and I will try to please them all but the most popular by far is the fetish of MUSCLE and who better to satisfy it than Josh! Lets be honest here..I’ve got everything necessary to do just satisfy YOU..

Just run your eyes over my adonis-like body! Have you ever seen a man with such shredded abs? Or with such rounded glutes? Maybe it’s my perfectly crafted pectoral muscles that gets the blood rushing around your body? Or perhaps, my vascular, hard biceps? I have a feeling that it could be my deep, hairy and pungent PITS that are also driving you crazy with desire! I think you’re greedy and you want it all – every inch of me..but do you know how to respect me and satisfy me so that in turn, I can give you exactly what you want? There can be rewards but they have to be earned and they have be earned GOOD! I don’t just give it away..

That’s exactly what this video is all about! I’m pumped, oiled and ready for action. If I get the respect and attention I deserve and also that certain parts of my body deserve, I’ll be generous and make sure that the person I’m with is given everything he wants and needs. But..does he get it? Can he really satisfy a MUSCLEGOD like me? Watch and find out for yourself…

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