I love to please you. I love to make you happy! I know that’s why you are here – so that you can enjoy my body, my alpha male attitude and also my complete and utter domineering nature. It’s what makes JOSHUA ARMSTRONG so very special. On the outside there’s the physical perfection of huge pectorals, shredded abdominals, slabs of quads, globes of glutes and boulders for shoulders. On the inside you know there’s a man who does what he likes, when he likes and can give and take pleasure whenever he feels like it!

One word comes up alot in my quest to keep you happy…FETISH! You know you can talk to me about them, ask me to do videos for you based around your very own personal desires and know that it will scratch the extra special itch you may have! This latest video pleased me as much as it did the lad who asked me to do it. Revolving around some extremely sexy Nike Airs, it’s hot, sexy and totally satisfying..for everyone!

I know you’re intrigued as to what happens. There’s only one way to find out…

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