THE GYM. THE IRON PALACE. For many, THE SANCTUARY. It’s a place we go to for so many different reasons. Fitness. Health. Peace of Mind. Escape. For Joshua Armstrong, it’s a combination of all four of those things. I love to train my body, free my mind of everything else that’s going on in my life and enjoy some solitude away from the rest of the human race. It’s the only place on Earth that I can truly be alone with myself, my thoughts and my ideas. Being who I am has many advantages but sometimes so many people want a piece of me, I need this kind of isolation to reset my entire being.

Don’t get me wrong here. When I am at the gym helping my mates train people, I am more than happy to give advice and aid people in their quest for a muscular frame.. There is a place for that in my life and in the right instance, I enjoy it. But when Josh needs to train, he needs to train ALONE! No interruptions, no questions – nothing but my own self pushing harder and harder to become a better ME! A body like mine doesn’t just happen. It needs constant training and working out. You want me to be the best Muscle God there has ever been don’t you? Then understand what it takes to be ME. Every day I need to grow every part of my body; get these pectorals even more huge; get these abdominals even more shredded; get these laterals even wider! Bigger shoulders, rounder glutes – It all takes time, dedication and strength and I can only do that when I am left to my own devices! Head down, headphones in, training hard! See me like that and your best bet is to leave me to it because I am singleminded, focused and needing the iron more than anything else right then!

This is the subject of my latest video! I’m in the gym, I’m lifting weights and I’m not interested in any small talk or anyone else. Well, no one else except the lad who is with me who understands what Josh is all about, loves his body and knows how to make it feel good! YES..he CAN have some of my time but can he make this ALPHA MALE feel as good as he deserves? You’ll only find that out when you watch this new piece of work from Joshua Armstrong…

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