One thing that is very important to me is FRIENDSHIP. I think it’s something we all value and I’ve learned that it’s not the quantity of friends that we have, but the quality of those people we chose to welcome into our lives. I’d rather have 2 or 3 awesome friends I can trust with anything and who know they can do the same with me than loads more who only call on me when they need something! I think we’ve all been there – these days genuine and positive people is what it’s all about with JOSHUA ARMSTRONG!

This new video explores friendship and I really enjoyed making it. When I am someone’s mate I will do ANYTHING for them and this is the theme here! My buddy is in trouble and I will do all I can to help him! I have what it takes – killer QUADS, pumped PECS, manly PITS, shredded ABS, cocky MOUTH – but his captor wants even more of Josh! Wanna know what happens? Only one way to find out – the link is below!

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