Let’s get one thing straight; training in the gym is tough! It’s not called “WORKING – out” for nothing! Some days it’s hard just even getting to the Iron Palace but if you have strength of mind as well as body, you get out, you go and you train! It’s one of the very few sports where the only person you really answer to is yourself and when success comes you can truly be proud of yourself because it’s all down to your own efforts and dedication! There is NO easy way to achieve this success – it takes years of sweat and toil to build a body like mine! It would be a lot easier if there was a magic formula…

….which is exactly the fantasy that this new video explores! Just imagine if there was such a formula which would develop massive PECS, shredded ABS and boulder SHOULDERS! It would be worth a fortune! Somehow, JOSH has managed to get hold of this incredible elixir and it’s effects on him are amazing! Want to see this “UNBELIEVABLE MUSCLE GROWTH”? Then all you have to do is click the link below!

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