I know what you want! I know what you need! Let’s be honest here…you want JOSHUA ARMSTRONG! That’s why you’re here. You love my muscular body, my dirty mouth and my domineering nature. I am the perfect package for you and your fantasies are full of ideas of what you’d like us to get up to! But…could this ever happen…?

To explore one possible outcome of this question, you’ll have to watch this new video! The title should give you some clue as to what’s going to happen here! Run your eyes over my glorious body; these BICEPS, ABS, LATS AND PECS are pumped, hard and feel amazing! Watch me as I tempt and tease you with my cheeky chat and controlling attitude! It drives you crazy seeing me enjoying my own body but right now you “CAN’T TOUCH THIS”! In future, this might change..but you’re gonna have to be very good for that to happen! Reckon you could ever be THAT GOOD

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