There’s a time for intimacy. There’s a time for passion. We each possess a raw animal instinct for attracting and to be attracted which we use without even realising. One look, one glance, one wink – that’s all that’s needed most times to show the other person that we’re interested in them. I must admit I love every aspect of the “chase”. The adrenaline starts pumping, endorphins start entering the blood stream and we become pretty primal. Take my word for it, this picture of male physicality and muscle knows when he sees something he likes and knows what he has to do to get it.

This body is the tool I use to entice the one who catches my eye! Even dressed, pecs and biceps are bulging through my shirt and my quads and gluts sit hard and tight inside my trousers. Boulder shoulders and a wide back just add to the equation and once I am noticed by someone who gets my interest, it’s usually “game on”! In this video, you can see this MASTER MUSCLEMAN in action, talking dirty, stripping down, demanding worship, taking control and getting exactly what he wants! The intimacy intensifies as we crawl into bed and beyond. There’s only one way this can end and there’s only one way you can find this video now!

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