He’s always around isn’t he. Wherever you seem to be or look..there he is. The man who takes your breath away. The man on the train. The colleague at the office. The jock at school. He captivates you and there’s nothing you can do about it. You want him so fucking bad. Is there ever a chance that it could happen? Could he ever be yours?

I hear this so much. The MUSCLEBOY you can’t stop thinking about. The beast at the gym who’s eye you try to catch while you’re both working out. He’s in a different league to you. The best jock on every team with his incredibly sculptured body. You’ve seen glimpses of his massive pecs and shredded abs in the locker room. His boulder shoulders and wide back makes his vest so damn tight and all you can think about is ripping it off and feeling his adonis-like body all over. You want to experience every inch of your MUSCLEGOD! Maybe he’ll let you. Maybe there’s a way or a reason that he would allow an inferior male like you enjoy his glorious muscles. Think about it….

…and while you are, watch this video which brings this scenario to life! Will the Jock be turned on by the attention of the Nerd? Come on in…see for yourself…

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