There’s something so special about being JOSHUA ARMSTRONG. The fact that I can make people happy with what I do makes me feel very good indeed! I love to be appreciated and worshipped for the MUSCLE GOD that I am and I know from all your emails to me that you all enjoy the services I offer you. Whether it be a custom-made video or a webcam show, I love knowing that I am satisfying you in every way with my looks, body and attitude! I constantly train harder and harder to ensure that I am in peak physical condition for you and that every muscle I develop is pumped, hard and vascular!

Dinner-plate sized PECS. Cut glass ABS. Boulder SHOULDERS. Everything about my physique is built for your enjoyment and what could be better than a slow and sensual STRIP which was requested for this video! I love to take my time, teasing and tempting my lad with more and more tight and shredded muscle. He’ll get to experience more and more if he’s very lucky and there’s only one way to find that out. Watch this super hot video now

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