Let’s be honest now. I am an imposing figure of a man. Some would even go as far as to say I have the stature of a GOD. A MUSCLEGOD at that!. I’ve also been told that as big and as muscular as I look in my photos and videos, when you are standing either next to me or face to face, I seem to be even bigger. My years in the gym have turned a 14 year old schoolboy with dreams and ambitions into the BEAST I am now..and I LOVE it! I often think that people might find me arrogant or unapproachable but that couldn’t be further from the truth. I will help anyone out, help to train people in the gyms I go to and have even been asked to be a bouncer at many nightclubs to keep trouble away from their doors. Yes, I’m big but I also have a very sensible head on my shoulders! People like and respect me. I think that’s testament to the man that I am.

One thing that really annoys me is when I hear that people are being pushed around or bullied because of their smaller size or because they are slightly different. I just won’t put up with it and will come to the aid of anyone who needs me in that respect! This new video tackles this very subject; someone from my past appears again who might think that he can still push me around like he did when we were kids but he’s going to be sadly mistaken! He won’t be familiar with this NEW JOSH – the man with the huge pecs, bulging biceps and massive, strong shoulders! Now’s the time to stand up to this creep and finally show him who’s BOSS! Wanna know what happens? Then watch the video now!

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