Joshua Armstrong LAID BARE – An Independent Write Up

If real men who love to dominate are your thing (which is all of us, right?), then you’re
going to love Joshua Armstrong. This handsome and hunky British bodybuilder spends
his days working in IT, but by night he’s an adult performer with a seemingly instinctual
knowledge of how to get his fans hard and horny. I’m a big fan, so of course I wanted to
get a post up on the blog supporting his efforts.

There’s no denying that some men have a natural ability to perform, and Joshua
Armstrong is definitely one of those men.
When he’s not working his day job, our incredibly built Alpha Male is either pumping it
hard at the gym or making seriously hot videos for his fans, with some of the horniest
themes incorporated into his performances too. You see, this is a solo site with a
difference ­Joshua doesn’t just make videos for his fans to stroke along to (anyone with a
cock and a camera can do that) Joshua goes further than most, making custom videos for
members who want to see something specific to them, and he does it extremely well with
his own dominating style.

He really doesn’t hold back in his kinky explorations either, incorporating all kinds of
things for his fans from tickling and shaving to balloons and uniforms!
His willingness to please his fans and deliver what they want is not the only thing that sets
him apart from many others out there running their own sites. This guy really gets into his
shows, and I mean really gets into them. He spends just as much time on his teasing
sessions as he does with his wanking videos, talking right to you, taking his time to deliver
something real and genuinely hot.

He’s a master of the tease, and a master of dirty talking too as he tells you what he’s
going to do to you, what he demands you do to please him, how he’s going to make you
his bitch ­ and we all want to be his bitch!
He has a way of talking directly into the camera and actually making you feel that it’s for
you, and he actually enjoys it too. There are so many other cam guys out there who you
know have no real interest in what they’re doing, but Joshua really does want to make it
hot for the fans.

His style and genuine nature has definitely worked so far, he currently has more than
30,000 followers on Twitter, 38,000 on Instagram, real fans who love seeing him in action
and can’t wait to see the next video arrive ­ and yes, I am definitely one of those fans.
Along with being a massively muscled and impressively handsome man, Joshua has an
amazing cock too. While many of this videos are about domination, teasing, muscle
worship and generally showing off that incredible body, there are a lot of great jack off
scenes for the members to watch, and they are absolutely amazing. He has a big cock,

rock hard and throbbing with urgency, and when he’s working it he really enjoys himself
and usually finishes with a spectacular cum shot. Some of the oil and lube videos are the
hottest, so make sure you check those out when you’re looking through his videos.
While not every video is a full­on jack off solo, every one of his videos is hot in its own
right. This is about domination, muscle worship and the fantasy after all, and he’s
prepared to go further than all performers I’ve ever seen to deliver great videos for his

It’s important to remember that there’s more than 240 videos you can stream as a
member already, and the rate of posting is increasing too. Over the last few days we’ve
seen several new videos added to the site and I know there’s a lot more to come. It’s
clear that Joshua is seeing success and he wants to continue that and continue to grow.
With at least five new videos arriving every week on the site, there’s going to be a lot to
keep you busy and coming back for more!

It has to be said that there are a lot of solo performers out there who start off with a big
bang and then gradually disappear from even their own sites, leaving them stagnant. In
this case, Joshua has spent a long time building up his following, producing genuine and
consistent content for real fans rather than guessing what they want to see and then
failing to deliver. Rather than copying what other performers are doing and just assuming
it the right thing to do, he’s listening to his followers and engaging with them to find out
exactly what makes them horny.

Joshua isn’t just another hot guy with a hard dick making money from stroking it in videos,
he’s a personality, someone you want to follow, a guy you want to know more about and
someone you actually want to see becoming more successful too. With all the great
videos he’s already made, and with the promise of a lot more to come as his site grows
and develops, I am absolutely certain that he’s already on the cusp of becoming one of
the most famous solo performers in the adult business.
That’s it, my fan boy post about him is over, now I urge you to go and check out his site

and see him in action for yourself!

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