Recently I have been getting more and more emails from you and it’s amazing to hear from you and read about your thoughts, fetishes and video requests! I feel very honoured to be taken into your trust and to be able to bring your desires to life! Believe me it’s just as enjoyable for me to create a scenario which I know will keep you horny and fulfilled – that’s a huge turn-on for me so please keep the ideas coming! This MUSCLEMAN is happy to keep you happy!

This physique with it’s well developed torso, butt and legs all packed with huge amounts of muscle can become anything you want it to be! Recently it’s been a doctor, gym instructor and superhero! When it comes to flexing massive guns, flashing a cheeky smile or revealing washboard abs, JOSHUA ARMSTRONG is the man you want and need! This new video has me in a new role – a sexy bricklayer who has more than laying just bricks on his mind! His client manages to get his blood flowing to every part of his massive body believe me! Come and see exactly what comes to pass right now!

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