Inner Circle


  • STREAM THIS VIDEO UNCUT! Full Video is 11:46 (Mins:Sec) Sitting.. Squashing.. Domination.. All by my Adonis steel arse.. The large teddy resembling you.. I am VERY masterful… you’re the assistant, im shopping buying jeans.. Of course I demand I sit on you… Squash you with my arse and cock I squash you repeatedly, straddle you - and a chair above you.. Complete domination
  • STREAM THIS VIDEO UNCUT! Full Video is 11:23 (Mins:Sec) I grow throughout, I want to grow more, i need it.. I humiliate you as i grow more, i get off on it, being vile you have no control.. sniff it through my tight white calving its only going to get worse if you resist.. ill just grow more
  • STREAM THIS VIDEO UNCUT! BUS STOP MUSCLE ADMIRER Full Video is 11:52 (Mins:Sec) I am waiting at the bus stop.. minding my own business.. There he is, looking at me.. I decide.. To show off ;) I follow him to his place… through the back door :O We both bunk off college and work… As I take my jacket off.. I notice He's looking at my feet? INSTANTLY this hits a key I DEMAND you get down on the floor and worship those shoes.. I take them off ad rub my socks in your face.. I Laugh, and laugh at your submitting and worshipping my trainers, socks and feet before you are given the privilege to worship the rest of my Adonis Body… Now this is my favourite part.. I start to show off, Flex HARD, LOTS of chest, back and shoulders.. Cocky yet friendly talk :).. Then it gets cockier.. And naughtier.. And naughtier… Until I feel the submission has been made, I never ease up…
  • STREAM THIS VIDEO UNCUT! Full Video is 10:42 (Mins:Sec) From The Football Field To The Locker Room… To the Bedroom In a Nut shell Josh finds out he has an in the closet team mate…and loves it.. For One Reason Only… I get to do what I LOVE to do best… Tease with EVERY inch of my body Just coming in off the playing field…Victory!.. Could I have any other result? Pumped showing off with the lads…. In fact I even hit the gym after the game so bad… There is one team member waiting for me in the locker room, waiting ready for me to strip, PUMPED to hell with vascularity at a new LEVEL. Abs are like steel, pecs are like dinner plates. I show off in the gear from the game… But I notice.. I notice Lawson staring at me, wanting me, even winking at me.. So I TOY with him big time.. Blow a kiss back and self worshipped while Lawson sat there struggling to move out of amazement of my Adonis Frame.. I tease Lawson to give me a rub down… A rub down on my bottom ;) This takes us to my bedroom…. Where the atmosphere really changes… I Shut the curtains so we can begin the naughtiness… But not after I show of my frame some more… I end up completely naked for the second half of this video because I want to tease so so much.. I Rip my Boxers as they are no use anymore.. Lawson Cant Handle it.. I Propose to Play.. I Play on the bed..Grind..Bump..F**K Now Naked I Tease Lawson With My Bum and Hole… I even enter my hole to tease Lawson even more by letting him know it COULD be him..but its not ;) And every single other part of my naked body.. …To the end before you blow is your challenge...
  • STREAM THIS VIDEO UNCUT! Full Video is 06:06 (Mins:Sec) HELPLESS TINY GETS CRUSHED IN ADONIS HAND Eric gets taunted by my giant hands he enjoys watching me slowling open and close them making a fist so tight my bicep veins shoot through my skin Eric watches how big and strong my hands are.. He gets into my palm and I slowly crush the life out of him by luring him in with the promise of the best massage of his life.. I continue the squeeze until I feel the squirming stop.. I smile as I have him in my tight fist… Unable to escape. Finally I decide to swallow the remains to get rid of the evidence. I describe the Vore as the bones and tiny remains are digested by my Adonis body.
  • STREAM THIS VIDEO UNCUT! Full Video is 10:16 (Mins:Sec) JOSH AND HIS BUM FUN I'm not going to lie.. my Biceps pleasure me, my Pecs pleasure me, my Traps pleasure me.... My ABS pleasure me... But another thing I REALLY love, is my bum having that little tickle... I show off how a MUSCLE god with THIGHS like mine can bounce on top of you - and make you quiver like a little girl. I show you why a muscle god like me would only allow you to last a total of 5 seconds before I make you BLOW. There are no ifs, buts or and's - there is only my way or the highway, and that is for me to make you BLOW
  • STREAM THIS VIDEO UNCUT! Full Video is 10:32 (Mins:Sec) TINY FLATTENED BY MUSCLE ARSE Jamie is sitting on my chair.. looking up at me I look down, smirking ;) "You Shouldnt be on my chair Jamie, you'll end up getting sat on" Now my GIANT BUTT Torments Jamie, Flattens him over and over My White Little Calvin Klein's show of my muscle arse as it twitches infront of Jamie, Taunting him before I FLATTEN him completely. I told him.. I warned him... but how does my giant butt look when its an inch from your face.