From The Football Field To The Locker Room… To the Bedroom



Full Video is 10:42 (Mins:Sec)

From The Football Field To The Locker Room… To the Bedroom

In a Nut shell Josh finds out he has an in the closet team mate…and loves it.. For One Reason Only…

I get to do what I LOVE to do best… Tease with EVERY inch of my body

Just coming in off the playing field…Victory!.. Could I have any other result?

Pumped showing off with the lads….

In fact I even hit the gym after the game so bad…

There is one team member waiting for me in the locker room, waiting ready for me to strip, PUMPED to hell with vascularity at a new LEVEL.

Abs are like steel, pecs are like dinner plates. I show off in the gear from the game…

But I notice.. I notice Lawson staring at me, wanting me, even winking at me.. So I TOY with him big time..

Blow a kiss back and self worshipped while Lawson sat there struggling to move out of amazement of my Adonis Frame..

I tease Lawson to give me a rub down… A rub down on my bottom 😉

This takes us to my bedroom…. Where the atmosphere really changes…

I Shut the curtains so we can begin the naughtiness… But not after I show of my frame some more…

I end up completely naked for the second half of this video because I want to tease so so much..

I Rip my Boxers as they are no use anymore..

Lawson Cant Handle it..

I Propose to Play..

I Play on the bed..Grind..Bump..F**K

Now Naked I Tease Lawson With My Bum and Hole…

I even enter my hole to tease Lawson even more by letting him know it COULD be him..but its not 😉

And every single other part of my naked body..

…To the end before you blow is your challenge…