I loved reading the details for this custom-made video! The request asked for an Army Officer in full uniform! I’d never done this kind of thing before and it fascinated me because everyone loves a man in uniform and it seems..out of one too…

It wasn’t easy finding one that fitted over my huge muscular frame; it was either too tight across my huge pectoral muscles and boulder shoulders, or I couldn’t get the trousers up over my bulging calves and thick, hard quads. Eventually though, I did manage to find one to cover my Godlike frame and you can see it in this very hot video!

As soon as I got into the uniform, I felt the feeling of power and authority that a man in the Service feels. This kind of fetish totally captivated me! The strength of the man; the feel of the material on my tight, hard skin; it’s everything an Alpha Male like Joshua Armstrong can associate with! Wanna see what I got up to once “ Officer Armstrong” marches into the office of his Commanding Officer?

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