Ever thought about having me as your personal trainer? The post workout perks.. Or perhaps the post workout punishments.. Whether you get my cock in your mouth or my belt you’l get something 😉

As I’ve said before I love helping people train in the gym! It’s something I feel very comfortable with. I’ve been doing this for years now, have learned loads of amazing workout techniques plus I’m a nutrition expert too – for the lay man, that means I know exactly what should be eaten and what shouldn’t! Let’s be honest here, JOSHUA ARMSTRONG is the ALPHA MUSCLEGOD everyone wants to be like and because of that, people listen! If they don’t it’s just a waste of time. Every part of my huge muscular frame has been crafted, pumped and sculptured to perfection through years of toil, hard work and plenty of sweat too! When it comes to working out, this man knows it all and I’m happy to share my immense knowledge with you.

But there is one thing you all need to know. I INSIST on being listened to. I INSIST on being taken notice of. I INSIST on being obeyed. Otherwise, as I said before we’re just wasting each other’s time and being who I am, my time is much too precious to be wasted! There are and will be consequences for not heeding my words and advice! There are punishments of every kind and I have all the tools to dish out plenty of discipline! An ALPHA MASTER like JOSHUA ARMSTRONG has no qualms in making his lads know and feel that they MUST give me their total attention, their total focus..or else! On the other hand, the rewards when this does happen are immeasurable! Just look at Josh, your personal trainer! You’ve got the best in every respect; looks, body, knowledge, sexual prowess….what more could you want eh? What more could you possibly need..nothing of course!

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