I love intensity. You love it too. It’s apparent from all the correspondence I get from you that the more intense I get in my videos, the harder you cum and the more you enjoy it. That makes me very happy because this job is all about pleasure and satisfaction. At the end of the day, I’m here to keep you happy and when I know that you’ve ended up with a huge smile on your face and a large amount of manjuice either in your pants or all over your body…I know I’m doing something right.

This video is really powerful! From the word go, this lad wanted huge pumped man muscle! Of course, he can’t resist my godlike body! My pectorals, abdominals, lats, shoulders, back..everything about me excites him! That in turn excites me and believe me, when that happens the intensity increases and the climax is incredible! He’s in for a real treat….and so are you…

… but you gonna have to watch the latest JOSHUA ARMSTRONG offering to see exactly what happens!”

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