Some things in life have to be learnt. To walk. To talk. To read and write. Others we are simply born with. I was born with an alpha attitude running through my veins. Don’t ask me how or why. I have no idea. All I know is that it is there and it cannot be ignored. I started training – working out – 12 years ago when I was 14 years old. I knew even then I had to be the biggest. I had to be the best. I had be the one people took notice of. At that age, it’s a pretty big thing to handle but I knew that by going into that gym and throwing around big weights with people older than me it would give me the power and confidence I needed to become what I knew I had to become.

As I grew older, I grew bigger and stronger. The lads in the gym in the small town in rural England where I come from started to see the difference in me. They started to notice me and take note of what I was doing. Suddenly the young kid was becoming a MAN. He was more muscular than them. He was looking better than them and he was leaving them far behind in terms of development and attitude. I knew it and I could feel it. I was becoming more confident and I liked it. It became second nature for me to strut into that small gym with my shirt off knowing my chest was the best one there and that my shoulders were the broadest. I enjoyed being admired and being told I was looking good. I was learning all the time – not only about bodybuilding but how it is to be a true ALPHA MALE.

As my studies continued I found myself in bigger and better gyms. Every time it was the same. My progress was without a doubt second to none. My body seemed to know exactly how to grow and how to become bigger and better than everyone around me. I realised that being truly masculine and alpha in attitude demanded more and more hard work, lifting heavier, eating better, living well. It wasn’t a problem though. It’s what I wanted and more to the point, it’s what I needed to do to make Joshua Armstrong the best he could possibly be. To make him a MUSCLEGOD!

My professional life as an IT Consultant was also developing well. I was becoming successful in that field and I needed that too. I had studied and qualified and my job was giving me the greatest of satisfaction. My bodybuilding was also reaping its rewards. Modelling. Video work. Trips abroad. Just imagine how that feels. Just imagine how it made ME feel. All that hard work and people wanted JOSH. I noticed it in every aspect of life. In the office I worked in, people would look at me in my suit wondering about the amazing body that was underneath. People I worked out with were visibly taken aback when I got into my gym gear or got undressed after training in the locker room. Walking through town in jeans and a low cut vest…shredded to hell…people’s eyes all over me. I loved it. I STILL LOVE IT!

It’s great being able to share my love of muscle with people like YOU – people who need an alpha muscleman in their lives. I’m very happy that it’s me who can help you fulfil all your desires and fantasies… So keep your eye out for new blogs to find out what else I’ve been up to and also how I feel about lots of other things. Until then, be safe and KEEP IT PUMPED!

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