There is NO easy way to get a body like mine. No quick fix. No magic spell. No secret formula. Three words will tell you everything…PLAIN HARD WORK! Just like the title of this new video, they are the only three words needed to describe what’s going on here! It’s the first lesson new gym goers have to learn and if they can’t handle it, it’s best to show them the door! The struggle is real and tough and it never ends but the results are incredible especially for an alpha male like JOSHUA ARMSTRONG. This body is my passport to anything I want and need! I love the way my massive chest, ripped abs and boulder shoulders turn people on! I love the fact that I am desired and wanted by so many of you and the more I grow and develop my physique, I know that those feelings only get stronger and stronger!

This video is based around the gym and working out. It’s true to say that there are eyes everywhere when I am training! I know I’m been noticed by someone during my mammoth session and I’ve also been doing some noticing of my own! It’s only a matter of time before things get steamy, sensual and sexual but if you want to know how a sweaty training session turns into something alot sweatier and dirtier I suggest you watch this video now

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