The male physique in my opinion is a work of art. From the moment it is being trained and developed, it slowly turns into a thing of pure beauty. It’s symmetry, balance, shape and design is genetics genius! The way a man’s shoulders can become so boulder-like. The way his chest can become so deeply striated and powerful. Abdominals can be crafted into glorious, shredded cuts of flesh. Sweeping lats. Tiny waist. Glutes shaped into solid globes of muscle. We can see why the male body is the subject of so many artists and sculptors. But there are other amazing parts of the male anatomy that sometimes get forgotten. I’m here to remind you of them as they can be as sensual and arousing as those already mentioned.

This video deals with one of those sometimes overlooked parts. Some horseplay between mates becomes something a little more serious and desirable and a certain part of the male anatomy is very much worked here! I can imagine that your mind is racing now but there is only one way you are going to find out what transpires and to whom! It’s powerful, masculine and very JOSHUA ARMSTRONG! I suggest you watch the video right now…

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