Here is something that we all know. It’s ALL ABOUT THE MUSCLE! It’s look. It’s smell. It’s taste. It’s the most glorious fetish and I know you agree with me when I say that the more muscle there is, the better! A muscular body with pumped pecs, ripped abs, boulder shoulders and a massive back is the epitome of masculinity. I am proud to have built this for myself and for you too! I am the ultimate MUSCLE GOD and the one you have been waiting for. But along with this prime beef comes another treat for you…

…VASCULARITY! There really is nothing quite like the shredded, veiny look that rock hard man muscle will show off when it’s in prime condition! When body fat is low..veins are HIGH! That’s what this video is all about and believe me when I say…IT’S FUCKING HOT! If you want to see just how sexy and sensual my vascularity makes me then this is the video for YOU and I suggest you watch it NOW! Come and enjoy JOSHUA ARMSTRONG – YOUR VASCULAR GOD!

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