As I’m sure you know by now, I am the kind of man who will help out anyone. I’m always trying to get people in the gym to train better, get better form and lift stronger too! Not only in the gym am I the type of person people come to – in every day life, socially or in my day job, I’m approachable and pretty easy to get along with. People come to me with problems and I always try to give good advice; being the alpha male I am it’s pretty obvious that people gravitate towards me because of my natural superiority, especially on the physical side of things. I am an imposing figure of a man, decent looking, tall with a killer physique! When people see my pecs and abs bursting out of my shirt or it’s tightness around my back and my shoulders, of course they are going to think of me as some kind of superman who can solve anything for them. I must admit..I like it…alot…

With all that in mind I wasn’t surprised to receive this video request! This lad needed something very special fixing and I knew that I’d need more than a hammer to get it sorted for him! It’s the kind of task I enjoy doing very much for people and I use every piece of equipment I have to make sure the job is done properly and to his satisfaction – and mine! Go see what you think – did I do a good job?

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