I think it’s fair to say that we all have our ways of getting what we want and what we need. Certain ways we do things, special charms we use which we know will always work. They are our special gifts and we learn to use them totally to our advantage. I know you know exactly what I mean! You may have done this last night in a club or a pub or during the day at work or in a shop. A special look, a sly smile, the wink of an eye…we all do it..and we all LOVE doing it too. We want results and instinctively, we KNOW how to get them!

I have to admit that for a Muscle God like myself, things often just fall into my lap. When you look like JOSHUA ARMSTRONG, life is pretty good and the prizes are usually very easy to win! But sometimes, even I have to work a bit harder to get what I want. It doesn’t happen often because of the way I am in charge, in control and full of masculine power! My imposing frame looks like it’s just come down from Mount Olympus – GODLIKE in every way with glorious, pumped, hard muscles everywhere. There’s not a body part that isn’t worked on and worked out – a stunning upper body often proudly shown off and a lower body just as amazing but saved only for those I deem worthy. ABS – PECS – SHOULDERS – GLUTES – QUADS – CALVES..they are all nothing short of epic! But when I really need to, how exactly DO I use all that I have to get what I’m after? There’s a way that you can find out and I’ll tell you how right now…

Give yourself a weekend treat and watch my video about MY SECRET! It’s only for people who understand MUSCLE and POWER! I think you’ll enjoy it. In fact, I KNOW you will! Being taken into Josh’s confidence and finding out something not everyone will know about the UK’s greatest Muscle God..what could be better eh?

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