When I first started hitting the gym I had no idea that it would lead me down the road to becoming the UK’s FAVOURITE MUSCLEGOD and it makes all the hard work and training worthwhile knowing how appreciative you are of me, my work and of physique!

In reading even more of your emails and requests, it seems to me that you are here because you like a real man like JOSHUA ARMSTRONG to be in charge! It’s also obvious that it’s all about the MUSCLE too! This became even more apparent when the idea for my latest video came in from a fan and asked for it to be entitled “SUBMISSIVE CONTROL”. He needs to submit to the power of my massive pecs, shoulders, traps, abs and so much more! He needs the ultimate masculine and sexual control from JOSHUA and that’s exactly what he gets! Take a look for yourself and see how every thought is drained from his mind until all he can think about is ME…and everything I can give to him!

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