Being a bodybuilder involves so many things. Discipline, self-respect, clean eating and the constant quest for self-improvement in mind and body plus one other very important matter…GROWTH! I want to be the BIGGEST, the BEST and the STRONGEST I have ever been and I will do it! There’s one more quality that JOSHUA ARMSTRONG always relies on and that’s his DETERMINATION to smash all his goals!

Check out my latest video and see for yourself just how HUGE I am right now and how I will “NEVER STOP THE MUSCLE GROWTH”! I’m working on every body part to make sure this entire package of MAN MUSCLE is in prime condition! Run your eyes over my dinner plate PECS! Stare at my cut glass ABS! Ogle at my boulder SHOULDERS! I LOVE IT! My huge muscular frame turns me on so much and I have a feeling it’s going to turn you on too! Let my ADONIS-LIKE physique get you hot, hard and horny – time to watch this video and see for yourself just how incredible your favourite MUSCLEGOD looks right now!

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