Just think of all the opportunities that each day holds for you! Dreams, goals, plans…every day of the week can give you so much! I think it’s time you started to think the same way that JOSHUA ARMSTRONG does! I think of every second I have as an opportunity to better myself! I want to live for every moment given to me!

Take my life in the gym for instance. I would never set goals there as they imply limitations! Every single time I go to train, I’m thinking about my progress and how I can get bigger, better and stronger! I want to grow my already huge boulder shoulders! I want to improve my dinner plate pectorals! When I look at myself in the mirror after working out, I want to know that I’ve done my very best during that session to make my massive guns even more prominent and to get my abdominals even more shredded. Do you see the point I am making here? Some people would only ever go to the gym on a Saturday or a Sunday and think they are doing great things but let me tell them this simple fact….a weekend gym warrior does not a bodybuilder make! Why limit yourself to that small amount of time to improve? Looking forward to your weekend is fine but if you really want to get things done, use every second of every day to achieve them! You’ll feel fulfilled, satisfied and happier, believe me! Now, those feelings lead me rather nicely onto the subject of this video….

It’s all about setting up someone’s week in the best possible way and there’s nothing better than spending some special time with the UK’s greatest Muscle God! I want him to feel good about the coming week and not just go through the motions with his sights firmly set on Friday evening! With my muscles, my control and my domination I leave him feeling so good he can’t wait to grab his week by the short and curlies and make everything of it that he can! Wanna know more? Then watch this latest video and see how I give him a start to the week he will never forget!

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