I love to hear from you! All of you in fact! I love to hear what you have to say about me, my huge muscular physique and so much more! I go through every single piece of correspondence myself and enjoy reading each one. I gotta admit though, the ones that really make me smile and excite me so much are your requests for custom made videos! Being Joshua Armstrong has many advantages and performing for you all is definitely one of them.

I reckon it’s pretty obvious from watching my videos that you can see that I enjoy every single one! No matter what the subject matter, I give 100% of myself to them as I do with every aspect of my life…there’s no point otherwise. I have to say this though – when a request comes in that needs me to get into some hot leather attire, my temperature rises straight away. I’ve spoken before of my fascination for leather in some earlier blogs and nothing has changed, believe me! I love to feel, the smell – even the taste – of leather! It makes my body feel sensual, strong and full of power. The way certain items of leather cling to my massive pecs..amazing! The way it teases my shredded abs…incredible! When I slip on a leather jock strap..well, I think you know how that’s gonna make me feel! Every part of my body is set on fire when clad in leatherwear and I want more of it..lots more! Keep those requests coming in – Josh is always happy to help you out.

This new video had me wearing some very special items of leather and my boy had some very special requests of his favourite Muscle God too! I’m not going to say anymore but let’s just put it this way…I left my mark on some of my gear and just as I was asked, that taste will stay with me for a long time…a very long time indeed

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