Sometimes it’s not only my awesome physique that someone wants me to use to satisfy their deepest desires. It’s true enough that I do have the equipment physically to keep everyone happy and I think that has been proven time and time again! With these massive PECS, sweeping LATS, bulging TRAPS and shredded ABS, I can satisfy anyone who loves massive muscle together with total masculine domination and worship. But as I said, sometimes I get asked to use other things to make the experience even more satisfying and explosive!

I’m not going to say too much but this video is a prime example of just that! Together with my own body, physical presence and domineering personality, I employ the use of various other items to keep this lad as happy as he has ever been! In order to truly understand what I’m talking about you have to watch this fantasy for yourself and see exactly what I mean when I tell you that there is NOTHING like seeing Joshua Armstrong experience an amazing “KNOCKOUT ORGASM!

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