When it comes to CONTROL, MASCULINITY and DOMINATION there’s only one man you need. JOSHUA ARMSTRONG. I am the complete ALPHA MALE and with my immaculate physique I can do what the fuck I like to anyone I like! These massive arms, pecs, shoulders and quads make me a totally superior man to everyone around me and I love that power! With my built in aggression and sexual strength, I can also satisfy any person who comes my way in any way I chose! Let’s be honest here..I am ALL YOU NEED!

Sometimes though, with all that in mind, it seems that some people look at me in a slightly different light and that’s exactly what this new video touches on and explores. It seems that someone thinks that by certain ways and means I could in fact be put under their spell. I know it sounds impossible knowing all you do about me but let the fantasy commence and let your eyes see just how..if it could be done..Josh becomes…”HYPNOTISED MUSCLE”

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