I’ve just spent an amazing few hours catching up with all the emails you have recently sent to me and I have loved reading every single one of them! Thank you all so much for your kind words about me and my website! You are so complimentary and I am eternally grateful to you all! I am doing my best to reply to all of you and I have been blown away by so many unusual ideas for videos! I am so excited even now at the prospect of filming all of them for you and I have to say, you are getting bolder with your requests! That pleases me very much because I love to be challenged in everything I do! Not only at work or in the gym, but also by you, my loyal fans who support me always!

This new video is a little different but it does just challenged me as it was a new idea! It not only allows me to display my awesome physique by showing off my massive GUNS, pumped PECS, wide BACK and so much more, but it also let’s me use a small “prop” to make it even sexier than ever! The title “ LEAVE YOUR TIE ON” does give the game away a little but I do recommend you watch this video to see exactly how sexy this can be for me and my lad! I think you’ll agree that JOSHUA ARMSTRONG’s clothes definitely do maketh the man here!

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