Construction worker sends his wife away

Whatever you need doing around the house there’s a man out there to do the job. You’d prefer a man like me though, right? Imagine it, I turn up to give you a quote while your wife is out of the house, but you can’t stop looking at my massive muscled frame.

You know I love showing it off though, especially to another man who really appreciates it. You’d be jealously checking out my arms and chest as I show off for you, flexing my abs, bulging all over, teasing as I lower the waistband of my dirty jeans a little more and give you a peek at the top of my trimmed pubes.

You know my construction worker cock is getting hard in my boxers, and I know you’re leaking precum in your pants too as I reveal my hard glistening shaft. Getting that building deal is guaranteed when I perform like this for a new customer. I know I’ve got the job already and you’re thinking about me working naked, sweat dripping from my massive body, taking breaks to wank right in front of you while we’re alone in the house.

When do I start?

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