One subject you seem to love talking to me about’ve guessed it.. my BODY! That makes me very happy because I have worked very hard for many years to sculpt this adonis-like physique! Knowing how much you appreciate it pleases your MUSCLEGOD very much! Your requests for videos that concentrate on individual muscle groups and body parts continue to come in and I will do my best to make every single one as special as I can!

This new video definitely centres on one part of my anatomy which seems to be extremely popular! This time it’s not my pumped PECS or deeply grooved ABS that are in the forefront. It’s not even my boulder SHOULDERS or massive TRAPS. This video firmly concentrates on somewhere that so many of you want to see more of! It seems that loads of you just “CAN’T RESIST THE PITS”…so watch this video and see your fantasies brought to life by JOSHUA ARMSTRONG.

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