It’s those three little words we all long to hear and it’s so special when we do. It’s not always easy to say but once we have, we just want to tell that special person over and over again exactly how we feel about them. We all deserve to feel that special and I want to make you feel that good right now.

Check out my latest video where those three words are eventually said more than once. It excites me to say them… my pumped PECS, shredded ABS and boulder SHOULDERS are on fire and having them worshipped along with the rest of my adonis-like frame just pushes me on and on, wanting you to know how special you are to me. Believe me, I want to hear those words from you too because I love to be so wanted! I think you’ve probably guessed the title of my video so why not watch it and hear JOSH say that small but amazing declaration of all things good…”I LOVE YOU”

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