There’s something very special about this one… I’m very open-minded and I love hearing from you, reading about your desires and then creating your fantasy for you on video. I have to admit though, this particular request intrigued me and also turned me on big time! Sometimes you really know how to push Josh’s buttons and this was definitely one of those times.

The world of restraint is a pretty well known fetish. The act of disabling someone’s movements and freedom – perhaps even their liberty – is an incredible sexual feeling for many people. Add to that someone of my stature, size and domineering persona and then we’re really onto something! Can you imagine tying me down and in doing so, restricting any and every one of my movements? Perhaps I have been be bound so tightly that every muscle I have is straining to the point of explosion? Could this really happen to the Alpha God that is JOSHUA ARMSTRONG? My hugely pumped pecs restrained? My massive boulder shoulders and huge arms with bulging biceps restrained? My massive quads, thick and veiny..restrained? How could this happen to the ultimate Muscle Beast…and if it has..what can he do about it?

I think it’s time for you to watch my latest video. Imagine all the above and more and you get some idea of what’s going on there. Come and view my body roped and bound; then watch my struggle for freedom culminating in total satisfaction!

You wont be disappointed – I certainly wasn’t…

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