Firstly, I hope you all had a great Christmas!

There’s a lot going on this time of year but for me, for Joshua Armstrong, it’s still the gym that takes up a lot of my spare time. In order to give you all the greatest possible service, I have to keep my amazing body in prime condition! Every sinew, every tendon and every muscle must be toned, pumped and huge for all my fans! This takes loads of hard work but I’m not complaining; I’ve been training for over 12 years now and my life would not be complete without lifting weights! I love everything about it and I intend to keep growing, improving and showing you all that I am indeed the UK’s greatest ever MUSCLEGOD!

However, all this training can takes its toll. In order to achieve this kind of physique, there has to be an enormous amount of iron being thrown around! Punishing workouts are the only way to develop pumped pecs, peaked biceps, boulder shoulders….in fact, everything you see when you look at Josh! The results are amazing and worth every second of what I put my body through on a daily basis but there is one thing necessary to keep every muscle mobile and that is a good deep tissue muscle massage! It’s amazing how a good pair of hands all over my aching body can give me such pleasure….and that can lead to so many things…

Take a look at this new video I made! Straight from the massage table, I’m feeling free, mobile and incredibly horny. How fortunate for the lad I’m with because I’m going to give him a new year’s gift to remember and once you’ve watched this you’re going to find it hard to forget too!

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