He has my perfect body – MASSIVELY PUMPED PECTORALS, BULGING BICEPS, RAZOR-SHARP SHREDDED ABDOMINALS, DEEP HAIRY PITS, THICK GLUTES…surely that’s enough? NO IT ISN’T! There’s a light growth of MANLY BODY HAIR coming through, fresh and full of my MASCULINE ODOUR! Let’s add some OIL into the mix, covering my muscles so thickly and making me shine and feel even hotter than ever! Finally and just to put the final cherry on top of this delicious cake, I’m smoking a cigarette in front of him..just because I CAN! FETISH OVERLOAD OR WHAT? I’ll ask again…WHO COULD POSSIBLY RESIST?

Not only does this FUTURE SLAVE have the incredible ALPHA HUNK known as JOSHUA ARMSTRONG standing in front of him in all his glory, he has him dripping in oil and smoking like a TRUE MASTER! Just how many fetishes can this lad cope with?

This brand new video proves without a shadow of a doubt that when JOSH wants something he gets it! NO CAN RESIST THIS ALPHA MUSCLEMAN!

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