Have you ever looked at a workman on a building site, or even in your own home and had thoughts other than what he’d be charging you for the job? Thoughts that maybe excited you and sent shivers down parts you didn’t even know you had?

It seems that this happens ALOT! It’s probably happening somewhere right now! He’s a little TOO good looking perhaps? Maybe, his shirt’s a little TOO tight with his huge biceps bulging and big, dinnerplate pecs pressing and straining against it, forcing the buttons to open? Or his tight jeans are way TOO tight and show the shape of his round, pert bum just a bit TOO much and you can’t get your eyes off it? What else would you like to see while he’s working away eh…? Is there something other than his hat that’s getting hard now?

Maybe you’ve had these thoughts before. Maybe I’ve just brought your attention to them. But one thing is for sure. You are NOT alone. I get requests for all sorts of things. Some fetishes I had known about before and some are very new to me. Some ideas actually blow my mind as they open my eyes to so many possibilities of what I can create for the person who’s requested it. I have to admit that it made my mind race; the slow seduction of a plumber or carpenter who comes round to fix one thing and ends up fixing a whole lot more! An unsuspecting lad whose massive, muscular body drives his client crazy with sexual desire to the point where he clocks up more hours on one job than he could ever have imagined!

I mention those two particular trades as there are videos in my archives that explore this fetish fantasy with those workmen in great detail! One client has even sent his wife away so the coast is clear for alot of fun with the tradesman standing in his kitchen! I’m sure that has happened on countless occasions!

…do you need any jobs doing 😉

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