So much of my life revolves around the world of muscle and muscle worship. It’s what I have created and what I love. I am a firm believer that “muscle maketh the man”. Looking at THIS man – this Muscle God – proves my point beyond any doubt at all. But let’s go even further with that – it’s not just the MASS of the muscle that makes it irresistible; it’s the MOVEMENT of the muscle that can drive people into total ecstasy! I’ve learned this over a number of years….

…people are totally turned on by tight, gyrating and body swivelling muscle!!!

I’ve seen this with my own eyes and I know you’ll agree with me. Solid, pumped, masculine muscle looks amazing when it’s on the move! In the gym, you see someone training and your eyes can’t move away from every sinew and tendon being stretched and worked. Walking down the street, a well built lad walks by in a tight t-shirt or vest and you are captivated by the way his shoulders roll or his biceps flex. I’ve been watched in many situations many times and it’s a huge turn-on for me; knowing that my body’s movements can send someone’s blood pumping faster through their veins is both empowering and sexually explosive. I roll my hips, I put my hands behind my head and my body stretches out hard! My huge pecs and tight abs sway from side to side, my back muscles ripple and my glutes twerk about…who wouldn’t be turned on by seeing that eh?

I REALLY give my lad a treat in my latest video! Not only do I give him a lap dance that he will never forget, I give him an ending that satisfies both of us in every way! For complete and utter sexual power and control, come and watch this new piece of work and see Josh do what he does best..making someone very happy indeed!

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