There is NOTHING average about JOSHUA ARMSTRONG! I think we all agree on that statement so let’s look into it a bit further..

Why settle for average? Isn’t that the easy option? Surely you want to fulfil your potential and be your very best? I think you all know me well enough by now to know that I will NOT settle for anything but 100% in everything I do and I want you to be like that too! At work and at play, let’s all make sure we achieve greatness because that ability is in all of us.

Let’s take going to the gym as an example because I can draw on my experiences there to explain exactly what I’m talking about. For me there’s no such thing as average in the Iron Palace. Have you heard of the phrase “go hard or go home!” ? That just about sums it up! Hitting the Iron has to be done with 100% commitment, strength and dedication. There’s just no other way of approaching it. I often tell this to new people at the various gyms I frequent and then never see them again! They just don’t have the guts and the heart for it! If you look at me you’ll see without any shadow of a doubt about my commitment to my bodybuilding and my physique. It’s taken years of hard, tough training to develop this body! There’s NOTHING average about me at all is there! In fact, I was told recently that my body is like a work of art and you can see why; pecs, shoulders, abs, biceps, triceps – every part pumped, shredded and in perfect balance and symmetry! You don’t get to this stage of fitness and bodybuilding with an average mentality; you don’t have an average mentality when you are an alpha muscle beast like JOSHUA ARMSTRONG!

Looks can be deceiving though and that is what the subject of this video covers. A bespectacled, average looking, shirt-wearing office type may look like a real nerd at first glance but you’d be amazed when you find out what he’s all about! He may look an average geeky lad but when you look further you might just find that your perception of him is totally wrong! You might also be pleasantly surprised when you start to see what’s hiding under that shirt of his too but for that, you’ll have to watch the video! There’s NOTHIN average about this lad at all!

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