A good bodybuilder cock can get you all kinds of perks, but then you guys know that already.

I was having a hard time making ends meet and the landlord was on my back about the rent. Thankfully he’s not one of those men who sends the boys around to collect and he likes to do it all himself, and that gave me the opportunity to get what I needed.

I knew he was into my muscles, he was openly checking me out when he came in and I could tell he wanted to comment. He’s one of those men who pretends to be all about the pussy, but when he’s confronted by a real man like me he can’t help himself.

I took the opportunity and started to show off for him, and it seemed to be working. A little more muscle on show and I could tell his cock was growing in his jeans. I brought out the big guns and slid my trackies down to show him my arse and that was it, he was almost wanking right there in front of me. His cock bulge was showing as he licked his lips and nervously smiled.

I knew he was putty in my hands when I started oiling up my muscles and tugging on my bodybuilder cock right in front of him. Soon he was dropping the rent lower and lower, his cock was making his decisions for him and mine was leading! I love using what I’ve got to get what I want.

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