It’s in our DNA. Simple as that. From the moment we are conceived, it’s all planned out for us. What am I talking about? I’ll tell you right now; OUR ROLES IN LIFE.

We’re either leaders or followers, we can’t escape it. It cannot be learned but it can be improved. Whichever role we find ourselves gravitating toward, the best thing is to accept it and live by it. No matter what we do, we cannot change it. It’s our destiny. I know my destiny..I always have done. As you know only too well, Joshua Armstrong is the one who leads. He’s the one who controls his life. He’s the one who controls his future. He’s the one who controls YOU.

I’m grateful for what I’ve been given. Pretty decent looks come with DNA but it’s not just that. I’ve been given this overwhelming desire to be the BEST I can be and be the BEST there is! Why do you think I drag my already amazing body to the gym every single day? I’ll tell you why – to make it even better! I know that, right now, my physique is pretty perfect but I also know that it is something that must be improved, worked on, changed, made even more spectacular….every – single – day! I will never be satisfied because I KNOW I can be better..and I WILL be better. It’s how Alpha Men think! We know that lesser men are looking to us for guidance, power, strength and ultimately…DOMINATION! The looks I get tell me so much…my body is admired, craved for…. even desired…and I want to make it even more so! From my massive shoulders to my dinner plate pecs down to my shredded abs and my well rounded glutes – it is a constant quest to perfect every single body part even more. It’s what a leader does; he inspires his men, he commands them and he rules over them! Not just a LEADER…a SIR also..and definitely a MASTER.

This video I was asked to create fell straight into the hands of the ultimate BOSS that is Joshua! From the word “go” I’m in control..I’m in charge…I AM YOUR MASTER and you will do as I say! By the end you will be in no doubt about my role in life…can YOU handle MASTER JOSH?

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