Thinking back to schooldays I guess that they really were the best days of our lives. We didn’t think it at the time but for the most part they were carefree and worry free too! A few hours studies, hanging around with your mates, taking the piss out of teachers…sounds pretty good to me even now! Of course, it was in those distant days that I started sneaking into the school gym to start lifting with some older lads. When I think of that I get very nostalgic – I sometimes even wish I could start this journey all over again because it’s been so amazing! I’m also thinking that we all had our favourite teachers too…?

That leads quite nicely into my latest video! Just imagine your PE teacher was a good looking, muscular hunk who really got your attention every time you saw him! His bulging muscles are on show whatever he wears; those workout vests just can’t contain his massive pecs and boulder shoulders whilst his shredded abs make deep indentations into every shirt he wears! What if this teacher was willing to show you even more of his magnificent physique – how fucking HOT does that sound even though it would be totally unprofessional! Could you resist his manly charms? You’d better watch this video all about that “BAD PE TEACHER” and see exactly what transpires!

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