I know that sometimes all you want to do is give me complete control over you. You love my power and my dominating ways and it’s exactly what you need! I am the perfect “ALPHA MUSCLE DADDY” and I know exactly what my muscle pup craves! Let’s put it this way..I have everything required to give you exactly what you ache for – and I do mean EVERYTHING!

This body is the perfect tool for me to be your MUSCLE DADDY! Just look me over; bulging PECS, shredded ABS, huge QUADS, boulder SHOULDERS and so much more! Come here and let Daddy give you what you desire with my awesome worked out physique! All you need to do is watch this video to really appreciate how amazing my strength, control and domination is. I am the ALPHA BEAST you have been waiting for and you’ll soon see that I will leave both of us completely satisfied! Come to your MASTER JOSHUA my little muscle pup! Come and WORSHIP the UK’S GREATEST MUSCLE GOD!

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