Updates,Videos,Pictures – All in one

Hello 🙂 just finally sat down for the night, I’ve got a variety of content for this week days – just haven’t decided which days to upload… think may do some double-uploading 🙂

Signed off a pair of posers + swim shorts to go in the post this week, sent with LOVE and that’s a promise, kissed (even a little extra josh on them ;)) – there’s a video that goes with this and this will be the one that goes up tomorrow… It’s a HOT one I just need to get the preview knocked up ASAP 🙂

My Plans for tomorrow consist of a very early alarm, a bicep + triceps routine at the gym (I Like to alternate my biceps + triceps between sets) and hit 3-4 sets on each, I love to squeeze, really squeeze the peak – that’s how I’ve got my 20″ guns 🙂 not from heavy weights, but FEELING THE SQUEEZE BABY!

Would love to get my workout advice up, newbies, beginners + advanced 🙂 this is something I am going to put into the membership area when I next get a ‘coding day’ it’s pretty simple for me code wise, just need to find the best way to display it for all levels of knowledge – this kind of stuff will definitely be for members only though.. I have a SH!T load of knowledge in this field, I would love nothing more than to be able share it to those who help me 🙂

Love Josh xxx

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