The Cockiest Humiliation Possible Now….Followed by XXX/Roleplay/Wrestling Later…

A Humiliation Number right now, Just got in from the office – Wanted to get this up as its edited and RARING to go.. Then I’m off to DESTROY My Back… Dead Lifts are going to get F**KED UP..

A Cocky GLOATING Sarcastic Video.. Me Teasing Adrian but secretly he enjoys it..

The enjoyment comes from me being more Powerful and Adrian being weak minded..

I am FACE to FACE with the camera tearing Adrian to pieces with MUSCLE HUMILIATION AND DOMINATION

I Tease with my BICEPS, SHOULDERS AND FRONT LATS… while sitting.. As Adrian was silly enough to let me know how I can control him..

Adrian turns up for a muscle worship session, he removes his clothes.. but by GOD I notice something….

I make Adrian GET to his KNEES.. and it begins

Humiliation to the extreme, torture and Adrian LOVES it,

I torture his inability to perform, words like ‘wank rag’ ‘caterpillar cock’ and the fact he has to Piss like a girl may come out…

Adrian fucking loves it.. Loved it so much infact he booked in with me for a LIVE show of it 😉

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