Straight muscle guy tease

I love it when I hear a buddy of mine talking sex like he’s God’s gift to women. They do one kinky thing and suddenly they’re a sexual genius. Most of the time I let it slide, but this straight muscle guy I work with had been pissing me off all week about getting kinky with his girlfriend and it was driving me insane. All he’d done was have some food play and use ice and molten wax in the bedroom and he thought that made him some kind of porn star.

I finally snapped and told him he didn’t know shit. We somehow got onto the subject of lasting longer and how I can edge for an hour or more, that’s when I found out this big and butch straight muscle guy who thought he was amazing didn’t even know what edging was!

That night he was at my place and we were talking about all this again and I knew I had an opportunity to teach him a few things. I ain’t gonna miss out on a chance like that.

I got some ice from the freezer and started putting on a show in front of him. He was laughing at first, nervous about it all, but when I took my shirt off and started getting my nipples hard with the ice, running the cubes over my massive pecs, he shut up and just started enjoying the show.

I started stripping down, I could see the shape of his thick cock growing in his trackies even though he tried to hide it. When I started talking about how I can build up a massive cum load and make my dick explode feet into the air his cock was out and in his fist.

The straight muscle guy was sat on my couch with his big dick in his fist watching me as I revealed my own cock, telling him he couldn’t cum until I gave permission. He just nodded and let go of his dick, giving me the perfect opportunity to grab him by the shaft and rub him a little. I know when a guy is getting close and as I let the tip of my solid cock touch his I could feel his dick throb. He was already on the edge before I’d even done anything.

It wasn’t gonna be that easy. For another half an hour I performed, stroking my dick, ordering him to stop when he reached for his own, rubbing our cocks together, waving my dick in his face and almost getting him to suck it.

Finally he couldn’t take it any more and as I straddled him on the couch and our dicks were grinding together, balls-to-balls, he started squirting a massive load of cum out all over his chest and abs. My dick was convulsing instantly and ropes of hot semen shot out of my dick, showering his face and neck with cream.

He was drenched in both our cum by the end of it, but the straight muscle guy walked out of my place knowing that he needed more lessons.

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