I am everything that I am on a daily basis. An incredible, accomplished athlete hungry for power, protection and improvements.

Dressed in SKIN-TIGHT lycra batman superhero gear I great you as if you are my BEST friend, My INSPIRATION!

I make you feel like you can be as strong as me, as strong as you need to be,

I can teach you to succeed; but I need you by my side too.

I can feel your devotion to me, deep down in my muscles, As I peel of the skin tight gear I make you feel so superior, as you do me

Perfection is in front of you, and you grasp it firmly with both hands.. I’m here to protect you, all the bullying and all the loneliness is a thing of the past, I crush it in my might fist.

I am your personal superhero, and you love it.

Full Video 10:51 (Mins:Sec)