Full Video Is 13:37 (Min:Secs)

Let me show you how special you are to me

Up at the crack of dawn, body dried out, muscles pushed firmly against the skin after a gym without with no other choice to show its vascularity… sweat and power

Watch my hips gyrate you into a state of muscle seduction

I use Hermitude, deep house music as this really makes my hips, muscles and whole body just ‘go’

This really is one of my hottest ever videos, teasing you to the max before undressing from my sleeveless workout hoodie.. Down to my AMU rubber undies.. Further down past those to my white levi briefs before finishing up in my tightest of bottomless jockstraps…

As the hip gyration increases, the self muscle worship turns me on, I continue to dance fully naked with everything hanging free, hips moving hands moving around the body touching every inch

Watch me slowly get harder, harder & harder till before you know it I’m like a muscle god statue posing,moving & masturbating with a juicy hard muscle c*ck pointing to the sky for you to enjoy…