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Always got my headphones in, in the gym – to keep out the inferior males listening in, trying to talk to me, trying to get MY TIPS…

They all want to be like me but I promise you they do not have what It takes so i’m saving their time as well as my own.

This doesn’t include you though.. I know you worship what I say, and worship what you see 😉

This makes all the difference because you know when an inferior male takes his top off.. You don’t blink

When I take my top off, you fucking drool.

I am pumped, oiled up, sweaty, cocky and SHREDDED. And all yours.

Lick my slabs of muscle attached to an already adonis physique, and be rewarded.. HARD and FAT..

Enjoy my manly essence, as you can imagine, as i’ve literally just finished training. My pheramones are at their most POTENT…

I strip, from coat, to vest, to tracksuit bottoms, to boxers… To cock dangling right in front of you with your mouth wide open.

My cock goes from soft.. to hard.. TO HARDER!

I stand in front of you naked from head to toe cock pointing in the sky tensing my biceps like an adonis statue..

And now it’s your job.. to lick the thick stream of hot sweaty cum from my muscle bound pecs..

I cover my chest.. and what a privilege you have to help me lick it clean.